EAAP + WAAP + Interbull Congress 2023

Lyon, France - August 26th / September 1st, 2023

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“For more than 20 years, Illumina has aspired to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. Now, next-generation sequencing is enabling the discovery and understanding of the structure, function, and diversity of plant and animal genomes. Through innovation and collaboration with researchers around the globe, we are driving genomic breakthroughs that promote food security and conservation efforts. While the rate of progress continues to accelerate exponentially, we have only just begun to discover the true impact of genomics in agriculture. Knowing human health starts with an adequate and nutritious food supply and a safe and sustainable environment inspires us to push the boundaries of our imagination and drive innovation in agriculture.

“INTERBEV is the French National Interprofessional Association of Livestock and Meat, founded in 1979 on the initiative of the representative organizations of the French livestock and meat industry. It reflects the desire of professionals in the beef, sheep, horse and goat sectors to offer consumers healthy, quality products that are identified throughout the chain. It federates and enhances the common interests of livestock farming and the craft, industrial and commercial activities of this sector, which represents 500,000 jobs and is one of the leading economic activities of our French territory. To integrate the expectations of society, the professionals of this sector have gathered around a societal responsibility approach, the « Pacte sociétal », which aims to better respond collectively to the challenges of the environment, animal protection, fair remuneration of the actors of the sector and the attractiveness of its professions in the service of a reasoned and quality food. In 2021, INTERBEV will again receive the AFNOR label ” Committed to CSR ” level 3 out of 4 for its collective approach to social responsibility. Today, this approach, which commits the industry to the responsible and sustainable promise “Love meat, eat better meat,” is supported by a collective communication campaign of the same name, signed “Naturally Flexitarians.”